The purpose of the Worker’s Compensation Board of Alberta is to ensure that in the event of a workplace injury, workers are taken care of, supported, and given the tools they need so that they can return to the workforce as soon as it is possible. As a partner in the return to work process, WCB Alberta works with the employer in supporting their (the employer) internal return to work initiatives and when those measures may not be enough, supports the worker until such a time where pre-injury work can resume. WCB also coordinates efforts with injured workers to guide and direct them to the proper services that will expedite them to return to the workforce.

Chariot Express holds an active WCB account, and a clearance letter on our account is accessible by either contacting the Safety Office at or by searching our company info on the WCB’s website.

The purpose of a good return to work program helps an employer reduce or mitigate costs with an active claim, keeps the worker employed in their company without having to search for a new job and keeps premiums low for the industry as a whole. The efforts of the WCB’s Disability Management Systems step in where a company’s Health & Safety Management System fails. The relation is symbiotic; one cannot exist without the other.

By holding a Certificate of Recognition (COR), we have taken the position that it is not enough to just meet standards; we should exceed them wherever we can. As a result of holding COR, we benefit from receiving refunds from the WCB in the Partners in Injury Reduction program (PIR). These funds are then re-invested back into our program so that we can continue to take care of our people and ensure we are keeping in line with our Health & Safety Commitment.

Workers at Chariot Express are required to report all incidents, big or small. By capturing the small incidents and working to correct them, we prevent serious incidents from taking place. However, if a workplace injury occurs, we work with our people to get them back to full duty as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Chariot Safety Office has access to all relevant WCB forms, be it digital or paper. Furthermore, we have participated in the following WCB Employer Seminars in an effort to modernize and improve our WCB Program: 1) Combined Employer Information Workshop & Return To Work Seminar 2) Review / Appeals Process Seminar 3) Action Planning Seminar and 4) Psychological Injuries In The Workplace Seminar


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