Chariot Express’ Health & Safety Statement

Chariot Express is committed to providing a thorough health & safety system that protects our workers, our sub-contractors, our guests who enter our facility and the general public.

The management, supervisors and workers of Chariot Express are responsible and accountable for the successful performance of our health and safety system. It requires an active participation from everyone in all circumstances to ensure the success and excellence that we expect. Health and Safety excellence includes at the highest degree, the promotion and maintenance of physical, psychological and social well-being for all employees. Our goal is a healthy, injury free workplace for all workers. By an inclusive, collaborative effort, we can and we will achieve this goal.

Chariot Express is an associate member of the Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and an associate carrier member of the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA). Chariot Express holds a Certificate of Recognition (COR) through the ACSA, and holds a “Satisfactory” rating on our Carrier Profile through Alberta Transportation. Our safety office is staffed by one full-time safety officer who holds peer-COR Auditor Status through the Alberta Construction Safety Association and is currently working to receive the HSA (Health & Safety Administrator) designation through the ACSA and the CTSC (Certified Transportation Safety Coordinator) designation through the AMTA.

Chariot Express staff are trained in various safety topics, but of importance, our National Safety Code (NSC) drivers are all trained in the following: 1) Federal Hours of Service 2) Trip Inspections 3) Weights & Dimensions 4) Cargo Securement 5) Transportation of Dangerous Goods.

As legislation evolves and practices adapt to the new legislation, our safety program does the same. Highlights of those changes and announcements of our new initiatives will be forthcoming and published on this page so as to keep the public informed to our commitment for workplace and transportation safety.

At any time, if you have a safety concern that you would like addressed, please reach out to Chariot’s Safety Officer, Jeremy Woolward, via email at or you can call the main office at 403.252.4047 or the safety office mobile at 403.850.5538.


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