While aiming high to succeed at what we do, Chariot Express stays true to its principles and values on family, community, and inclusion. Our team has a place for everybody.

We strive to deliver the best service possible, and while we value and appreciate demanding work, we also know that there’s a balance that must be struck between one’s employment, and one’s own personal time. Our health & safety commitment is that we do what we can to ensure not only a worker’s physical health & safety, but their emotional and psychological health & safety as well.

Driving Opportunities
If you have a passion for commercial trucking, whether it be delivering small parcels or long-haul freight, we welcome you to come and drive with us. If you own your own vehicle and meet the definition of a motor carrier in the Province of Alberta, there’s also the possibility of being an owner/operator.

Non-Driving Opportunities
Our drivers cannot succeed without a strong and integrated support staff to back them up. Our office has roles in client care, accounting, collections, dispatch, and fleet safety.

If you are interested in applying for a career with Chariot Express, please email your resume to the General Manager.

If you are applying as a driver, please be sure to have a 5-Year Commercial Driver’s Abstract ready that’s current within 30 days of your application. Also, please ensure that you do NOT haveĀ MORE thanĀ THREE active demerits.

Competitive pricing, top quality equipment and the best trained people in the industry.